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Brittany Renner Tells Shannon Sharpe She’s Been With 35 Men

Brittany Renner just opened up about her sex life to Shannon Sharpe in a big way. Revealing she’s slept with 35 men. The number stunned the Pro Football Hall of Famer so much, he had to take a big swig of booze.

When Sharpe asked why Renner felt compelled to share that information publicly, she said,

“Probably the same reason that I wrote a book: because I feel called to share. There are some things that maybe moving forward I would keep to myself. But I mean, I just told you I had sex with 35 guys—an updated number for people who have been following the number for years.”

Renner went on to reveal she had been on birth control for a decade prior to getting pregnant with her first child with NBA player P.J. Washington in 2021.


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