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Lil Durk Hospitalized For Severe Exhaustion And Dehydration

After suffering severe dehydration and severe exhaustion, Lil Durk, was hospitalized according to TMZ.

On Thursday (July 13), the outlet disclosed that Durk was hospitalized on July 6 after completing a show in Ohio.

The Almost Healed initially thought his dehydration was “minor.” However, upon further inspection, the hospital advised him to stay for a week due to “severe” illness.

During his stay at the institute, the rapper was forced to cancel a few upcoming shows and an appearance at the ESPY Awards. Lil Durk spoke about his hospitalization in a recent statement sent to TMZ.

“My fans mean everything to me; you’re the reason why I do this,” he said in the statement on Thursday (July 13). “I was looking forward to touching all of my European fans, performing this weekend, attending the ESPYs, and more”

“But after performing and traveling daily, I’ve become severely dehydrated and advised by my doctors not to travel due to exhaustion. Once I get my full energy back, it’s back to business which I’m looking forward to. #StillHealing.”

Keep Durkio in your prayers.


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