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Man Accused Of Organizing The Murder Of Young Dolph Gets Called Out By Judge

Hernandez Govan, is charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder connected to the broad daylight shooting of Young Dolph at Makeda’s Homemade Cookies on Airways Boulevard on Nov. 17, 2021, appeared in Judge Coffee’s courtroom on August 17.

In a nearly eight-minute speech directed towards Govan, Judge Coffee made it clear that the restrictions of Govan’s bond would not be lessened.

The also  judge stated that, while Govan’s restrictions may be increased, he did not see them being relax pending an “earthquaking” reason to do so. Judge Coffee also did not rule out the possibility of taking Govan back into custody through the duration of his trial.

“You wanted to go clothes shopping. I think my response is that you have Amazon.com to deliver your clothing. You also wanted to go grocery shopping. I told you to call Kroger and have them deliver your food to your house,” Judge Coffee told Govan.

Judge Coffee also said that Govan had requested the ability to get a full-time job, another request which was denied by the court. Since he was released on a $90,000 bond on May 11, Govan has even taken a couple of trips, according to comments made by Judge Coffee. Judge Coffee also emphasized that the conditions of Govan’s bond were, in part, for his own safety.

“You are probably aware that Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee is the first most violent metropolitan area in the country,” Judge Coffee said. “This case has generated a substantial amount of publicity and if you’re running around free in Shelby County, Mr. Govan, knock on wood, somebody might be trying to kill you, sir.”

Young Dolph died from gunshot wounds of the head, neck and torso, while shopping at Makeda’s Cookies near his boyhood home in Memphis in Nov. 2021.


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