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Bars!!! JayliiGotJuice Puts Herself On With New Mixtape ‘Put Yourself On’ Hosted By DJ Exel & Boss Britt

Cincinnati, Ohio artist, Jaylii, also known as JayliiGotJuice has been MIA for some time and in a recent interview with The Progress Report, she explains that her hiatus was due to bad paperwork and shady business.

Now the lyrically, naturally saucy artist is back with a new mixtape titled, ‘Put Yourself On’ hosted by party rockers, DJ Exel & Boss Britt.

On the mixtape, Jaylii literally “Lil Wayne’s” every industry beat from Drake’s “Nice 4 What” to BlocBoy JB’s “Look Alive”, Jaylii showcases her lyrical and vocal reach rapping about her lengthy self-regulating journey.

“Deactivate your page to reactivate your life”. Jaylii speaks on the importance of breaking away from social media and focusing on your spirit and mental state. 

Most artists experience some form of burning in their careers and Jaylii wants to motivate people to want better for their lives, rely on no one, define your own version of success, and put yourself on!

Listen to ‘Put Yourself On’ hosted by DJ Exel & Boss Britt below.


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