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Female Artist Veeta Venom Takes Off On Her Single “Message” [MUSIC VIDEO]

If Veeta Venom is proud of anything, it’s where she comes from and what she has overcome. The artist hails from Maryland and takes with her the rich culture of the DMV as she combines melodies of R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and Soul into her music. Born Kelveeta McCoy, Veeta Venom was raised between Savanna Terrace SE DC and Glenarden in Maryland and plans to take her music to newer heights despite the many obstacles she faces.

Veeta Venom was diagnosed with Stage 2 Abdomen Cancer in 2011 but doesn’t let that stop her from pursuing music with such fierceness. The artist boasts over 14,000 Spotify plays all while mothering her young children, running a nail business, and maintaining her health. As a rap artist, she often blends different sounds, finding root in the elements of hip hop and R&B. She gets her name “venom” from the hot bars she spits and her most recent single “Message” is a great example of Veeta’s ability to craft a unique urban sound that is exciting and refreshing. In 2017, Veeta Venom connected with another rising female artist, Talone (Bad Girls Club’s Season 16) with their single “Humble”. Veeta then released a 5 track EP titled ‘V-Day’. Notably, Veeta has auditioned for Irv Gotti’s and BET’s Tales in 2020.

Words to describe Veeta Venom would be determined, passionate, and strong. She wants others to know that they should always go after their dreams and never settle for anything less.

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