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Jay Z Honored At Brooklyn Library

Jay-Z’s 27-year career in rap music was honored with an immersive exhibition called “The Book of Hov” at the Brooklyn Public Library, curated by Roc Nation.

The exhibition gracefully captured the different eras of Jay-Z’s career through distinct zones.

Each section—titled “Already A Work Of Art,” “Did It Without A Pen,” “Win-Win & Business, Man,” “HOV Did That,” and “So Fly”—borrowed from Jay-Z’s own lyrics. Roc Nation left no detail unattended, ensuring a fully immersive experience for visitors.

In “Already A Work of Art,” attendees could step into an exact replica of Baseline Studios. Upon entering the library, one was immediately greeted by Jay-Z’s lyrics adorning the front entrance. Once inside, a pair of headphones allowed visitors to listen to every intricate detail. This immersive aspect extended beyond visual displays and included interviews where Jay-Z passionately discussed his albums and their significance. Spanning the entire library, the exhibition was a fitting homage to Jay-Z’s roots, considering his connection to Brooklyn.

At “Did It All Without A Pen,” attendees could marvel at the books that inspired him or were mentioned in his lyrics. Roc Nation contributed 400 books to be displayed, some of which could be borrowed with a library card. Moreover, Roc Nation partnered with the Brooklyn Public Library to release 13 limited edition library cards, featuring artwork from Jay-Z’s albums, making a visit to the library even cooler.

“The Book of HOV” exhibition is free to the public and now open at the Brooklyn Public library, no library card is required for entry.



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