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Lil Durk On NBA Youngboy “Why Would I Use You For Promo And I Know I’ma Out Sell You”

Lil Durk sat down wit Ak on Monday, dismissing the notion that YoungBoy is his competition, the Chicago native denied using their beef to promote his upcoming album Almost Healed.

“I promise you, I don’t think about that man,” Lil Durk said. “Zero! I was shocked when I woke up to that s###. I’m like, ‘What the f###? Gotta be a fake page.’”

He continued, “Why would I use you for promo when I know I’ma outsell you? A m########### sit up and be like, ‘You gon’ outsell him, but he have a bigger …’ Well, who using who for promo?”

The Voice also went on to send a message to the rest of the rap game, saying that any other artists who choose to work with his foes will lose his respect.

“If you fuck with anybody that harmed my people, I can’t fuck with you,” he declared. “I’m not into it with you, like if I see you, I ain’t saying I’m finna kill you. I just ain’t gonna fuck with you. It’s not [just] music. It’s Von. ‘Cause that’s what the whole situation about. It’s not like no street fight where it be like, ‘Man, y’all squash that shit.’”





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