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Lil Tay Passed ?….. Or Was It A Hoax ?

Lil Tay’s death hoax hack has been confirmed by Meta.

The tech giant confirmed on Saturday that the social media star was indeed the victim of a hacking attempt after a post on the influencer’s Instagram claimed she was dead.

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has reportedly spoken to the 14-year-old, deeming that she was truthful about being locked out of her accounts, according to TMZ, and has since restored Tay’s access.

In the days following the debunked death announcement, several people, including Tay’s own father, failed to confirm the social media star’s death, declining to elaborate on the circumstances to multiple outlets, including The Post.

A day after the statement was published, Tay reappeared on social media — after a five-year hiatus — to say that she and her brother were very much alive.

Harry Tsang, Tay’s former manager, had previously expressed doubt that she was dead but also found the hacking claim to be dubious.

“I think she’s still alive, and I think it was fake,” Tsang, 32, said of Tay’s death and reemergence. “I don’t believe anything that they say about the hacking,” he said, before adding that he was “glad that she’s ok.”



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