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Motion Denied For Prosecution In YNW Melly Double Murder Case

YNW Melly’s defense team has won another victory as presiding Broward Circuit Judge John Murphy III denied a motion by the prosecution that would allow the jury to see the grey SUV that the victims were found in.

During a motion hearing , the defense team of YNW Melly, born Jamell Demons, stated their case as to why a request for the jury to view the Jeep where Anthony Williams (also known as YNW Sakchaser) and Christopher Thomas Jr. (known as YNW Juvy) were allegedly killed would be “overkill.”

A motion hearing is where a judge determines whether or not evidence is admissible in court before it is presented to a jury.

A state witness testified that YNW Melly’s DNA was not found on or in the Jeep SUV where the victims were found in 2018. However, a re-test of the evidence in June found forensic evidence from Melly on the handle of the car in the back seat. The witness also testified that there was no gunpowder residue (GSR) found on Melly after the murders.

No other evidence links Melly to the crime.

However, they have seek to use circumstantial evidence from a phone alleged to belong to Melly to tie the “Murder on My Mind” rapper to the scene. Specifically, the prosecution went through text messages Melly sent to his mother and to fellow rapper Fredo Bang a week or so before the shooting, where he said he wanted to acquire a firearm.

In the meantime, the defense also objected to a prosecution’s plan to bring a witness who was with Melly on the night of the murder.

The witness is one of the young men who were in a red SUV that was seen with the Grey Jeep on the night of the killing of YNW Juvy and Sakchaser.

What’s your thought? You think YNW Melly is going to get a guilty or not guilty verdict?



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