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Offset Speaks On HIs Relationship With Quavo

Offset is tired of people trying to pit him and his Migos partner, Quavo, against one another.

Appearing on the Million Dollaz Worth of Gamepodcast, he discussed their relationship with hosts Gillie and Wallo.

“I don’t feel like I owe it to people to show how much me and bro love each other,” he explained. “We went through something. We don’t have to show you smiles on faces … so stop doing that. We aint on no sucker sh*t with each other. We both came in this sh*t together and we both knew that, we understood that, and we lost our brother. I still go through sh*t; I know bro go through sh*t, N****s love each other though at the end of the day. We men, we real brothers, and we cool with it, so be cool with it. Don’t ever try and turn us against each other. I hate that sh*t. At the end of the day, it ain’t your business.”

It isn’t the first time Offset has defended his bond with Quavo in light of Takeoff’s death.



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