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Prayers To The Residents Of Keaton Beach, FL As Hurricane Idalia Makes Landfall

As of Wednesday at 7:45 AM, Hurricane Idalia has made a historic landfall near Keaton Beach, Florida, as a Category 3 storm. Continuous coverage of Hurricane Idalia has moved here.

The time to prepare is over and a dire situation is unfolding along Florida’s Gulf Coast as Category 3 Hurricane Idalia continues to rapidly intensify in the Gulf of Mexico. Catastrophic, life-threatening storm surge and destructive winds will pound the state’s Big Bend region as the monster storm nears the coast just hours away from landfall.

A storm surge of up to 16 feet in some spots is likely, disastrous winds of up to 130 mph, and a risk of significant flooding are all in the forecast as Hurricane Idalia is fueled by the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center(NHC).

Dozens of counties in Florida are under a state of emergency and evacuations have been ordered in at least 30 counties as fears grow that walls of water will be forced inland as Hurricane Idalia makes landfall.

“Storm surge of this magnitude is not something we’ve ever seen in this part of Florida in any of our lifetimes,” DeSantis said during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. “So, please, please take the appropriate precautions.”




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