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Prosecutors Release Text Between 14YR Old Cincinnati Student and 20 YR Old Man Planning School Sh**ting

Gang, a Cincinnati teen is now facing conspiracy charges for aggravated murder after investigators discover his plot of a mass shooting at Mariemont High School.

A student and an out-of-state adult co-conspirator began devising a plan in January to kill students and staff at Mariemont High School, Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers said Thursday.

The student, a 14-year-old, was arrested on Wednesday for conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, the Mariemont Police Department said.

Prosecutor Powers said the teen and his co-conspirator, an adult in their 20s, had a plan that was in the works for weeks.Text messages from the 14-year-old’s phone detail some of what was being planned. The messages discuss in detail plans to gas the school and kill and kidnap students. One of the texts mentions the need

“to take care of the front office first.”

The plan was to get a weapon from the student’s home and carry out a mass casualty attack at Mariemont High School, the prosecutor explained.

The 14-year-old had a list of students and staff he planned to kill and rape, according to Powers. The list included as many as eight students and one teacher, she explained.

The prosecutor said they think the student fully planned on carrying out the mass shooting.


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