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Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal In Ohio

Ohio just became the 24th state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Issue 2, approved by Ohio voters on Tuesday, will allow adults 21 and older to buy, possess and grow marijuana. Products would be taxed 10% on top of the state sales tax, with revenue going into four pots: a social equity and jobs program, municipalities with dispensaries, a substance abuse fund and administrative costs.

The measure is an initiated statute, meaning it will become part of the Ohio Revised Code in 30 days. But that’s only the beginning, and there’s one big caveat: Lawmakers could change some of these rules in the coming months.

Ohioans can start possessing and consuming marijuana when the law takes effect on Dec. 7. Adults 21 and older are allowed to have up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and 15 grams of extracts.

Smoking marijuana would fall under the state’s smoking ban. That law prohibits people from smoking plant material in enclosed areas open to the public, with exceptions for outdoor patios, smoke shops and hotel rooms designated for smoking.

Beyond that, using marijuana in “public areas” would land someone with a minor misdemeanor. But the law also says property owners and “any public place” could decide for themselves whether to accommodate marijuana use.

Proponents compare this to alcohol: You generally can’t drink on a sidewalk, but you can in a licensed bar or restaurant. Business leaders who oppose the measure contend the language is unclear.

Ohioans can start growing marijuana when the law takes effect, Dec. 7. Adults 21 and older are allowed to grow up to six plants individually and no more than 12 in a household with multiple adults.

Landlords can prevent their renters from growing, but the ban must be part of a lease agreement.



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