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Social Media Calls Out Rod Wave For Stealing Lyrics

Fans are noticing that one of Rod Wave‘s signature songs sounds similar to an old Jay-Z song. Earlier this week, music fans took to Twitter to express their disdain toward Wave, as he supposedly borrowed a few bars from Hov. That said, some are arguing that this is simply a case of interpolation — something that’s been a component of hip-hop since its birth 50 years ago.

Rod Wave has clapped back against critics accusing him of stealing lyrics from the likes of JAY-Z, 2Pac, Drake and more.

The Florida native addressed the haters in a series of social media posts on Tuesday (November 21) after the accusations of him biting other artists’ work piled up.

One viral tweet highlighted Rod’s history of interpolating lyrics from classic songs like JAY-Z’s “Song Cry,” 2Pac’s “Picture Me Rollin’” and Drake’s “Over My Dead Body” throughout his career.

“Just cus youn known bout da original song mean I stole it? U dumb bitch,” Rod wrote in response on X (formerly Twitter). “I ain’t never stole shit 5 platinum albums find u a hobby fuck n-gga.”

He even claimed that he won’t be dropping any more music in the future after this latest controversy, adding: “U bitches don’t even fwm speaking on me mind yo bidness bitch. Fuck y’all I came wat I came ta do I ain’t dropping shit else.”



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