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Social Media Reacts To Rumors Of Remy Ma Cheating On Papoose

Remy Ma’s been under fire as of late after Tasha K shared some pics showing her allegedly on a date and its not Papoose.

Earlier in the summer, rumors began to swirl that her husband got into a fight with Eazy The Block Captain after his rap battle against Geechi Gotti. During the battle, Eazy’s opponent appeared to “expose” his alleged relationship with Remy, which was the rumored catalyst for the fight.

During the battle, Geechi called out Remy, who was also on the stage. Eazy also responded with his own rap that has the hip-hop community talking.

“You see the skies written in digital like an email i prevail/ this whole year my career done try to derail/ wanna know who I’m f**cking in the game, you wanna know the details? n*** keep this on the DL. If you heard a n**** did something to me over a female and he ain’t dead, it’s probably because I still got the female,” he rapped.



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