Yak Gotti Talks Appearing On Young Thug’s “Pull Up On A Kid”, “Slime Shit”, and “Dream” and Reacts To Frenchie Gucci Mane

“When you in the studio, you don’t know what these songs gonna do”

Yak Gotti is an original YSL artist that appeared on Young Thug’s “Pull Up On A Kid”, “Slime Shit”, and “Dream” records back in 2015. He even released his own mixtape during that time called ‘Mind Of A Maniac’. In a new edition of Conversations with Lalaa, Yak Gotti explains serving nearly 5 years in prison and still practicing his performances to prepare for his release. 

“Being in prison made me appreciate this more, I was perfecting my craft this whole time, reading, writing, and performing. It seemed like I stopped but I never really stopped.”

During the conversation, Yak Gotti discusses knowing Young Thug since 7th grade as they used to play football and they’ve been friends since then. Yak also addresses Frenchie’s recent rant about Gucci Mane involving Young Thug and he explains slime language terminologies. 





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