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YSL Member Lil Woody Caught On Film Snitching During Interrogation

Kenneth Copeland or YSL Woody, also known as Lil Woody, has decided to cooperate with the boys in blue.

Woody decided to help out the district attorney that has it out for Young Thug. Other YSL members such as Gunna have been accused of being a rat, but YSL Woody was on a different type of time with his tell-all confession to them folks.

During this 3.5 hour long interrogation, Woody asks the detectives for assurances that the information he gives up will help his own legal woes. The detectives tell him they can’t offer him anything, but can let the District Attorney’s office know that he’s cooperating.

“Somebody is supposed to get killed tonight,” Woody says. “This is a murder that’s about to take place with some very hot people and the stuff that I know right now should help me get out of my situation.”

“I’ll tell y’all this much right here: I know the people who are going to go do it, I can get the time when they’re going to go do it, so y’all can catch them in the act.”

When pressed about the identity of the target, YSL Woody tells detectives it’s an individual named Shell Kell, adding that the person behind the hit is “mad” and “obsessed with this guy.”. At this point Woody continues by nodding yes when detectives ask was the person he referring to was Young Thug.

In the video, Woody even offers to FaceTime Young Thug to prove the information he revealed is valid. During story time he also gives up information on YFN Lucci.

This Is getting crazy. Thoughts ?

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