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Big Lotion Gives Details About The Night He Shot 2 Men During Home Invasion

Big Lotion stepped gave Nella D the 411 about how 2 men was shot during a home invasion.

The “I Gotta” rapper says that he got set up by “Briana”.

Him alongside his friend from Cincinnati, had been staying in this Virginia for bout a week.

Hosting a number a events including game night, is what led to humbling encountered with a lot of people, where he met “Briana”.

After seeing someone in his window after a knock, he flees to “Briana” house which was 35 mins away, with 10 “pillows”. Upon arriving to “Briana’s house”, they hear another loud bang at the door, and shortly after hear somebody coming up the steps.

In the room with “Briana”, Big Lotion waits patiently then he sees a gun man , which he then shot him twice.

Coming out the room seeing another person going down the steps he fires again hitting him in the back.

It comes out to be that “Briana” had called 3 of her “brothers” to drive 3 hours to come rob him.

He ended up getting locked up for the “pillows”, and a gun charge.

Crazy right ?


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