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Meek Mill Says Rappers Get Paid More To Rap About Ignorant Stuff

Meek Mill believes that Hip Hop culture has been crippled by labels who value reductive subject matter over meaningful lyrics.

July 30th was the day the Dream Chasers mogul was invited by the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) to participate in a discussion panel alongside Robert Kraft, Henry Louis Gates and NAACP president Derrick Johnson for the organization’s National Convention.

During the discussion, the Philly native shared his thoughts on violence and crime as a recurring theme in Hip Hop music, and how it is allegedly encouraged by the powers that be.

“Before, I wasn’t on stages like this,” he said, referring to now being in a better position to inspire change. “I was on rap stages rapping about violence and guns. We get paid to rap about that stuff. They actually pay us more when we rap about more ignorant stuff; so I make sure I even the line and come and talk on stages like this.”

“The NAACP opened doors for people like me to be able to power forward. The things that fund us don’t power me forward,” he added. “I just make sure ’cause I know better. I’m at an age point … I’m 36. They power us really from where we [are] 21 through 25, where we really don’t know … I’m one of the lucky ones that made it through and was able to get my knowledge and sense.”

“Why are we having a problem with money for education but giving money away for war??” he began, before referencing what he believed to be a long-running issue. “I’ve been seeing this narrative on the news since a child I’ll never understand it!”

His words and sentiments echoed those of ‘Pac from the 1993 classic, “Keep Ya Head Up,” on which he famously raps: “You know, it’s funny when it rains it pours/ They got money for wars, but can’t feed the poor.”

Though Meek Mill’s Twitter account has since been deleted, he continues to use his voice to further the causes he stands for.



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