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Bubba Doran Drops ‘Holy Shit Hey’ EP [STREAM]


Bubba Doran, formally known as The Swiff Master is an artist, producer, model, creative director.  

Born and raised in the Swats of Atlanta, Georgia, Bubba is a natural born cultivator.

Although he is just 20 years old, colleagues and peers recognize him for his charismatic attitude and relentless dedication. Not only does Bubba balance being a full-time musician, he is also the visionary behind the Atlanta based entertainment podcast and media platform, The Progress Report.

Bubba’s old soul and style are influenced by his elders and mystique of local thrift stores.

Intangible values such as good health, peace, and love are what motivates Bubba Doran. Having once experienced homelessness, Bubba’s main goal is to be an example of how positive thinking can affect one’s future and the universe.

Bubba Doran recently modeled new threads for Atlanta’s premier clothing boutique, Wish and Cam Newton’s and Under Armor’s unreleased C1N Colorway sneakers in their latest commercial partnered with High Snobiety. 

Bubba released his first single, “Feel Like The Man” produced by Blessed just a few months ago, now he is back with a 5 track EP titled, ‘Holy Shit Hey’ which displays his diverse vocal range. 



Soundcloud @BubbaDoran

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