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Lil 30 Stopped By 411 Uncut And Talks To Nella D

Louisville native, and up in coming Artist Lil 30 came to holla at Nella D to give her the 411.

Lil 30 Talks About Being Louisville, KY, Early Childhood, Violence In The City.

Growing up in the West End, described as the trenches, is said to be the same as any other hood. Despite his pops being incarcerated he still was present and moms still made it happen. Providing everything him and his sisters needed to maintain.

Lil 30 continues to strive to make Bismarck in the game by consistently dropping back to back heat.

With songs like “JB Flow” and “Ja Morant” it’s no question that Lil 30 will very soon be the talk of the industry.


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