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SamSantana Pull Up To 411 Uncut

Starting off making. music that his fellow peers lightly supported, is what got SamSantana in the studio, eager to drop some hit music. That session he recorded “Crazy Story Remix”, (remix of King Von’s Crazy Story), where he shocked the ones who didn’t support him before. One of the people shocked was his athletic director.

SamSantana’s athletic director caught wind of his “Crazy Story Remix”, and added it to the schools basketball playlist. Fueling off the energy of his Crazy Story Remix, he filmed himself at a basketball game of them playing his song, posted on TikTok and its history from there.

Hitting over 700k views on the platform, he noticed he had something good going, and hit the study asap to record more music.

Linking up through management, SamSantana and Cincinnati Native Roadrunner TB collaborated  on “Mean Streets” and he also performing at Blender Fest PT.2, which was his first ever performance

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