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LouWeiVeh Drops A New Vibe For The Masses With His Single “Headlines”

Recording Artist, LouWeiVeh has released his new single, “Headlines”, produced by Hot Rod Production out of Memphis. The hard hitting artist drops into the keys heavy, bass driven, hypnotic beat in a way that grabs the listener from the first note. Painting a picture with his lyrics, he makes it very clear he directs his lyrics on this record to anyone who doubts him, with absolutely no regrets. His cadence hits every note perfectly that the producer laid out for him. His confidence lands in the ears of the fans in a way that only he delivers. “I’m a multifaceted artist. On my new single, Headlines, I needed to flex my hood side and have fun with it at the same time.” -LouWeiVeh

LouWeiVeh is an Ohio/Mississippi transplant to the Nashville area. He started taking his music career seriously just a few short years ago. His life experiences have sculpted him and his music in a way that is profoundly him but his lyrical delivery and story can be felt by others who listen. From life changing moments including the loss of his mother to an almost crippling car accident, this college graduate and business owner has persevered through it all and is heading full force to make his mark in the rap/hip hop world. LouWeiVeh knows there is no time to waste, especially when it comes to achieving your dreams and goals. As he continues to perfect his music and form his team around him, LouWeiVeh has taken his time to understand the value of quality releases and working with others on this journey, all the while remaining humble and fiercely driven.
A music lover since he can remember, when asked why he became an artist with so much going on in his life, his answer is simple, “I became an artist really for the art itself. To be able to tell my story and help others. I enjoy being creative. I know my story is powerful and I am a voice for the people.”-
LouWeiVeh “Headlines” is out now and available on all platforms.
For More Information on LouWeiVeh contact: louweiveh.9010@gmail.com www.LouWeiVehMusic.com
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