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Philly Artist Santos LB4R Releases “Membership” Music Video

About Santos LB4R:

Santos LB4R has a rap career that expands over 20 years and with the longevity he’s aiming

for, this is only the beginning. He’s found inspiration from the likes of Jay Z, Beanie Sigel, and

Jadakiss, all who have been in the game for decades, so it’s no wonder that Santos LB4R is

looking to their careers as the blueprint.

For Santos LB4R, whose birth name is Anthony Robinson, he’s built a solid discography over

his long standing career and released over 18 solo projects from 2009 to 2022 alone. He’s been

recording music since 2001 and has reached accomplishments that easily rivals other well-

known artists. From being Power 99’s most played artist for nearly a decade to working with the

likes of DJ Drama, DJ Khaled, Don Cannon, Styles P, PNB Rock, and Tierra Whack to name a

few, it’s not arrogance to say that more respect needs to be put on the Philadelphia rapper’s

name and since he started recording in 2001, the spitter has even added engineering, ghost

writing, and acting to his resume.

At the heart of it all, Santos LB4R is a storyteller and his music embodies the essence of

conscious rap, which draws a direct inspiration from the streets. His most recently released EP,

entitled Big Frontline, is a direct result of these experiences packaged into 6 tracks. As we enter

into 2023, Santos continues to expand his reach and his catalog and has grown an unwavering

22,000 Instagram following where he’s constantly sharing new music and freestyle videos.


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