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Mother Is Facing Murder Charges After Telling Her Son To Shoot

Gang, a 35 yr old woman and her 14 year old son are facing murder charges after the mother instructs him to kill a man who attacked her.

Carlishia Hood, 35, was at a Maxwell Street Express, when she got into an argument with Jeremy Brown, 32, while waiting in line for food, Cook County prosecutors said Thursday.

Hood got into a physical altercation with Brown , and soon later was seen texting her son who was waiting in the car. He appeared with a firearm right before the man attacked her.

Brown punched Hood in the head and Hood’s son took out a gun and shot Brown in the back, they said.

Brown ran from the store as Hood’s son allegedly continued to fire at him. The teen and his mother followed Brown into the parking lot, where she told her son to keep shooting Brown and to kill him, prosecutors said.

When the teen stopped shooting, his mother allegedly told him to shoot Brown’s girlfriend and then tried to take the gun from her son. The teen pushed his mother away and both left in a car and drove home together, prosecutors said.

Witnesses also say she instructed him to shoot a witness who was egging the altercation on. The mother is being held on 3 million dollar bond, information about her sons bond has not been released.




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