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XXL Releases Freshman Class 2023

XXL has announced its 2023 freshman class of rising stars in the hip hop.

The XXL Freshman List has gained a reputation for its ability to identify artists on the rise to stardom, and the 2023 edition is no exception. With an great ear for talent, XXL Magazine’s team scouts the music landscape to select artists who have demonstrated exceptional skill, unique perspectives, and the potential for long-lasting impact on the hip-hop genre.

Being featured on the Freshman List opens doors to collaborations, increased exposure, and a devoted fan base. The 2023 list will introduce us to the next wave of game-changers, providing a glimpse into the future of hip-hop.

The notable hip-hop magazine published just dropped it’s annual list, spotlighting 12 artists. The list consists of:

Finesse2tymes, Lola Brooke, Rob49, Fridayy, GloRilla, 2Rare, SleazyWorld Go, Central Cee, Real Boston Richey, Luh Tyler, TiaCorine and 10th Spot Winner DC The Don.

This list is a pretty big deal , especially this being hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, and a special issue relating for that in this August.

“Sounds, musical landscapes, cadences, lyricism, delivery of rhymes and more have changed throughout the last six decades,” the magazine states. “And staying true to XXL’s yearly tradition, the Freshman class for 2023 was selected based on the artists’ undeniable impact.”

XXL’s past freshman classes have included acclaimed musicians like Chance the Rapper, Ty Dolla $ign, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Macklemore, Future, Travis Scott and Megan Thee Stallion. This serves as a testament to the influence and impact of the Freshman List, making it a significant milestone in an artist’s career.

The XXL Freshman List continues to sparks conversations and debates within the hip-hop community, igniting excitement and anticipation among fans and industry professionals alike. As artists are unveiled, fans eagerly discuss their favorites and predictions for the future. This vibrant dialogue fosters a sense of community and celebration for the genre.






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