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QC Rapper Gloss Up Fight One of Finesse2Tymes Girlfriend BBJay

Over the weekend, a video surfaced of Gloss Up in a huge fight with one of Finess2tymes’ three girlfriends, BBJay. In the clip, which has gone viral on social media, Gloss is wearing all-black while BBJay is in the white jumpsuit. It appears that Gloss is pulling on BBJay’s hair in an attempt to rip it off her scalp. Several men and what looks like security are trying to break them up.

The gossip website reportedly reached out to Gloss Up and asked the QC artist about the incident. Her response was very short and sweet.
“Hey there is nothing to explain but thank you for support ‘Rich Baby Mama,'” she reportedly told the outlet.

Gloss also went on her Instagram Story and explain what happened in the video.

But since then Gloss Up has posted DMs exchanged between her and Finesse2Tymes. In the Dms Gloss up is basically curving the “Back End” rapper, by calling him “brother” which lead Finesse2Tymes to sending 3 confused emojis, followed by dm of him stating to keep that same energy next time she spin the block.

After which Gloss Up them asked for his number. so who knows? Maybe that was the reason BBJay felt the need to fight. It’s still unclear on what led to the altercation, but on the brighter side no one was severely injured during the fight.


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