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Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Mike Epps For Talking About Him During Comedy Show

Shannon Sharpe caught some strays recently from the likes of Mike Epps.

Epps was at a comedy show where he brought up Shannon and his infamous Club Shay Shay podcast. Overall, Epps seems upset about the things that have been said about him on the show. None of these words have come from Sharpe himself, however, that did not stop Epps from talking poorly about the NFL legend. Epps even accused Sharpe of being gay.

“That n***a Shannon Sharpe called me trying to do an interview. I said ‘no Medea, I ain’t doing no interview with you’ – so you can sit across from me and look at my balls,” Epps said. “The n***a sh*t is called Shay Shay the n*gga is telling you. Put a wig on that motherf*cker and tell me if that ain’t motherf*cking Madea sister.”

Of course, Shannon saw these comments and was not happy about them, at all. During last night’s episode of Nightcap, he went off on Epps. He even threatened to release DMs. Needless to say, he had time.

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Since then Mike responded with this.


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Which ultimately led to Shannon posting…



Glad they can come to terms and work things out as men .



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