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Yella Beezy Gets Into An Altercation

Yesterday a video surfaced of a man recording himself getting into a confrontation with Yella Beezy outside in front of what appears to be an office building.

In the video, which can be seen below, Beezy is standing near the passenger door of his SUV arguing with the man.

In the bizarre confrontation which the white person, who claims to be a Crip, captured on video and then released online, the two men square up to each other in the parking lot of a gym and exchange taunts.

“Bro refused to put his gun up. This who ya’ll idolize? Boy a bitch. Long live Osama,” the man captioned the clip, which shows the two of them exchanging taunts.

Throughout the confrontation, the man accuses Yella of having a gun in his pocket, although the rapper doesn’t address his claim.

Yella repeatedly dares the man to “come swing” before warning him: “I’m gonna knock your b!tch-ass out.”

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