Stream Florida Artist TurfMadeSkully Memorizing Banger, “Twerlin”

Check out this new banger from Florida artist TurfMadeSkully, “Twerlin” which is the lead single from his upcoming EP hosted by Bigga Rankin!


Read more about TurfMadeSkully below:

I was blessed from birth with being a musician! Born Troy Waiters, aka TurfMadeSkully raised in Bradenton, Florida out of Manatee County. Growing up I always found a melody to create music with a story of my own to fit behind the melody. As the song would fit together it would attract folk’s attention to my music. This audience had been through some of the same stories of my own. This is what gave me the motivation to rap in talent shows. I wanted to become an influence in someone’s life who can relate. I’m a young African-American who is hungry for success. With a desire to give the rap game life again. I started rapping at the age of fourteen. 

My stage name TurfMadeSkully came from a young age of wearing skulls. The rest was being stamped from the streets I was Turf made. My favorite influence is 2 Pac and T.I. their music is of substance. It influences others. What makes me different from other artist is I can produce music through freestyle. My freestyle skill gives you a better sense of a real life story. It gives you a vision of what’s going on in the life around the artist. Having taken the stage with some great artist such as YFN Lucci & Kodak Black, The support in my community is always outstanding. Now moving around on my own gigs from state to state it has been nothing but elevating. I also have dropped my first project “Perfect Timing”. The two singles from this EP are “Get That Money” & “Juice”. 

For booking: Tamika Jerman 864-518-4067  Turfmadeskullybooking@gmail.com             

Soundcloud: Turfmadeskully      

Twitter: @turfmadeskully9

Soundcloud: Turfmadeskully                               

YouTube: Turfmadeskully           

Facebook: Turfmadeskully

Instagram: @ TurfmadeskullyFanPage

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