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YNF Lucci Rejects 20 Year Plea Deal And Take It To Trial

YNF Lucci has been offered 20 years in a “sweetheart” plea deal but refused it.

The sweetheart plea deal will reportedly give the rapper (real name Rayshawn Bennett) 20 years behind bars for all crimes — including the RICO crimes — for which he must serve at least 17 “inside.”

And though the plea deal hadn’t been confirmed on Thursday, it was confirmed on Saturday (June 10) that the sweetheart plea deal was indeed offered to the “Key To The Streets” rapper.

The case commenced in January 2021 when Atlanta police issued multiple charges against Lucci, implicating him in the shooting death of a 28-year-old man. Lucci turned himself in soon afterward. By May 2021, the “7.62” rapper was among a dozen suspects named in a 75-page, 105-count racketeering indictment focused on factions within the Bloods street gang.

The indictment alleged YFN Lucci, an associate of the Bloods, tampered with a homicide crime scene and concealed a vehicle. It further accuses him of assaulting an individual by strangulation and promoting violence against that person for playing rival gang music.

As the YSL RICO trial unravels for fellow Atlanta native and alleged rival Young Thug, the wheels of justice seem to be grinding exceedingly slowly. As of this article being published, not one juror has been selected, despite jury selection efforts spanning over five months.

With the refusal of the plea deal, the RICO case remains as unpredictable as ever. Only time will tell the fate of YFN Lucci and the other defendants.

What you think gang ? Was this a smart decision for Lucci or no ?


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