Bkoshr Releases Cat In The Hat (Skit/Dance)

About Bkosher:

Based out of Jacksonville, AL Brandon Tunstall known as Bkoshr was born May 20, 1993. Bkoshr is originally from Mobile, Al home of the Mardi Gras. Growing up Bkoshr was a cool and laid back individual that everyone loved. Thats where the word “Koshr” comes from; cool, calm, and collected but spelled in his own unique creative way. After graduating high school in 2011 he attended college. He didn’t graduate college due to bills that needed to be taken care of, so eventually he started working and had a son during the process. Hanging around friends he discovered his gift for music. In 2016 he created the group called “Trapletes” which consisted of two other artist named Tone and Eastsidejugg. Trapletes created a single called “Money On Deck” which first premiered off of their mixtape “The Beginning” hosted by DJ Smallz. This mixtape would lead to early success. Bkoshr brought a unique sound to the group. The group grew apart a year later. Bkoshr became a solo artist in the beginning of 2018. Now he is working on is first solo project EP called Phenom which currently doesn’t have a release date. Bkoshr has a single that is currently on all platforms titled “Green Light”. Follow him on his journey to success and watch him become the next phenom artist out of Alabama. All Platforms and social sites @Bkoshr also FaceBook main Paige @Brandon Tunstall

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