ChiChi speaks on meeting Lil Baby, producing “Get Money”, “Solid”, and BRS Kash “Throat Baby” [The Progress Report]

Lalaa Shepard has always been supportive of music producers and decided to launch a new interview series called ‘Producer Talk’ powered by The Progress Report Media Group, strictly featuring music producers. On the first episode, Lalaa sits down with music producer ChiChi who has worked with the likes of Lil Baby, BRS Kash, Yungeen Ace, Rylo Rodriguez, and Caleb Colossus. You can hear a lot of his work on Rylo Rodriguez’s latest project, ‘G.I.H.F’. During the interview, ChiChi speaks on how he got into the music industry and misconceptions about producing for major artists, catching his big break once producing Lil Baby’s “Solid”, “Get Money”, “Social Distancing” and BRS Kash ‘Throat Baby’, balancing his personal life and demands as a music producer, and his influences. 







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