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Chrisean Rock’s Sister Is Allegedly Jumped By Her Friends

Chrisean Rock and her sister have been caught getting into it with each other in viral footage from a nightclub brawl.

Footage from Baddies East in Baltimore, MD, show Chrisean and her sister, Tesehki, arguing with one another outside the club.

The footage then pans to a van outside the club, where a woman emerges and a group of women are spotted pounding on Tesehki.

Security guards and police are then seen pulling the women out of the van, one by one, in an attempt to break up the fight, which was allegedly sparked because Tesehki threw water on her sister. (The footage does show water being thrown at Chrisean Rock, but it’s not clear who threw the water).

At the end of the video, Rock can be seen talking on the phone to someone, with her pregnant belly out front and center, but it isn’t clear who she’s talking to. It’s not clear whether any charges will be filed.



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