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Deb Antney Claims Gucci Mane Didn’t Like Nicki Minaj Because He Couldn’t Have Sex With Her

Deb Antney, or “Aunt Deb” for those who know, earned her label as a pioneer in hip­ hop, being one the few female managers to create not only artists who can bring in lucrative amounts of revenue, but also superstars.

Rising to fame after breaking the careers of several high profile artists, such as rap powerhouses : Gucci Mane , Nicki Minaj , Waka Flaka Flame, French Montana, and more, it’s no doubt that she have a lot of “untold” stories and incidents that went on during the So Icey/Mizay Ent. reign.

Aunt Deb recently appeared on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, and gave us a little more insight regarding the two rapper’s relationship.

In the recent interview, she alleges that the “Freaky Girl” rapper didn’t like , the “Super Bass” rapper, all stemming from Nicki Minaj not wanting sleep with him.

She is also quoted saying

“You know what hurt me? Gucci couldn’t stand her,” she said before adding, “He didn’t like Nicki because he couldn’t f–k her. He didn’t like her.” … “And for you to give these big ups to the s–t that he [Gucci] did — that s–t was crazy,” Deb continued. “He ain’t did nothing for you [Nicki]; he ain’t even like her.”

Although Nicki denies having any sexual relationship with Wop, Deb went on to say things like Wow was “selfish”, and that when she put Nicki on his record (Gucci Mane ft. Nicki Minaj – S*x In Crazy Places), the rapper reportedly “had a fit,” but expressed that all she ever wanted was for her artists “to work together because we’re family. So we all have to be together.”

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