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Shiggy & JuneBug speak on Drake, SpotemGotEm, Bobby Shmurda, life before fame, acting

“Instagram made me make something of myself” ~ Shiggy 

Shiggy and JuneBug are arguably 2 of the biggest influencers of the culture as they impacted the world with their dances and great energy. Shiggy known for his “Shiggy challenge”, rose to stardom in 2018 when his dance went viral and even landed him a cameo in Drake’s “In My Feelings” music video. JuneBug went viral in 2021 after creating the “JuneBug challenge” and helping skyrocket SpotEmGotEm’s “Beat Box” song. On a new episode of The Progress Report Podcast, Shiggy and JuneBug discuss their upcoming dance battle, life before becoming famous, Bobby Shmurda influence, not getting paid from artists, dating life, and everything in between! 

“The dude I was in Highschool, I didn’t dance at all” ~ JuneBug


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