Hip Hop artist Jacoby X announces his debut children’s book ‘The Words I Speak I See’ to combat negative views about mental health

Jacoby Antonio Browder, better known as Jacoby X, is a musical artist, entrepreneur, and educator from Birmingham, Alabama whose passion for literature and working with children with special needs led him to authoring his first book. ‘The Words I Speak I See’ is a story of a troubled young boy who battles with finding his purpose in the world and the transformation that comes with realizing he’s in more control than he thought. 

As a mental health advocate, Jacoby wanted to change the stigma around mental illness, especially when it comes to the youth. His book aims to show what can happen when a person realizes that the words they speak can have an impact on the reality around them. For the protagonist of the story, he had to combat his yearning for love and understanding from those around him to loving and understanding himself and Jacoby hopes that readers can come to a similar conclusion of knowing they possess what is needed to live the life they want.

Jacoby X’s grandmother was an early inspiration in him becoming an author as she often had him and his cousins read and write book reports. She even gave him bigger confirmation to write his book by sharing a message from God that he needed to take his own words seriously and from that point he started to write what would be ‘The Words I Speak I See’. His efforts are going beyond just writing the book as he plans to provide a portion of his proceeds to mental health and autism programs in hopes to provide more resources for their social and educational needs. His goal is to make mental health awareness more of a priority in the world and less taboo to discuss as many people deal with their own emotional struggles just like the character in the book. 

‘The Words I Speak I See’ is available for preorder at https://authorjbrowder.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/jacoby_x/

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