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Different Skin Tones, Same Struggle - King Elway Partners with Tinn Man & Kado Dupre’ for “Different Places” Visual

It’s no secret that America has had a rocky history with race relations and even in 2021, there’s still a conversation to be had. King Elway opens up the discussion with the release of his latest single, “Different Places”, a look into the unique experiences had by Black men in America due to their skin color. This story isn’t a new one, but one that needs to be told again and again to bring about the proper changes.

The fact remains that darker skin tones have a harsher reality than that of lighter complexions and King Elway uses “Different Places” as a way to shine a light on these experiences. In the Supadope-directed visuals, we see two friends who come from different backgrounds and how their daily lives play out in this current racially infused world. It’s so common to assume that Black people are the bad guys in situations, but the reality is that White men can be just as much of a threat. “To tell the truth I’m glad I ain’t been killed by a cop yet,” rhymes the artist. “Just a black man in America but you don’t know nothing bout dat”. 

“Different Places” is the first single off of the Playas Club Music Group signee’s forthcoming project, 2 Soulful, which is the sequel to his 2019 So Soulful.


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